Sketching Bangalore 3

Everyday on my way to office I pass by the KrishnaRajaPuram (K.R. Puram) flyover. The flyover has a hanging architecture, supported by cables and can be seen from very far. One day I walked from one end of this flyover to another, at around 10PM in the evening. Well, it was a forced journey, but nevertheless, I enjoyed every bit of the 3 Km walk.

Samarjit Roy


  1. ~ Quite a detail Work..indeed..Ofcoarse now I knw your secrets for the patterns work you make..with the pen!

    Bwt. How about the sketch asked...I'm still waiting buddy..Mail me:))

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  2. @Rachana: Well, I thought it lacked detail.

  3. wow!! So..effortlessly you draw!!


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