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Once again after a good long and tedious week I found out time to post. To draw is natural to me (I mean I don't need to find time for that) but posting them to world's view is a completely new experience, though I posted them up in Orkut albums; but blogging allows me the freedom to accompany my sketches with long passages of my eccentric wisdom (!!!) or at times third party dialogues (as is the case with third party software). Both of these sketches were done in a quick succession to one another during dinner break. And both include third party dialogue with them as free. [;)] The first one has a song by Tagore attached which literally translates as -
"Come, Come to my home. 
Open the gates of dreams 
And come to the eternal light. 
Come with your fascinated eyes
From the momentary presence 
to eternal life."

This lines were picked up while browsing through some poem books. I am ashamed to admit that I don't remember the poet's name.

"Thus, to my journey's end,
Had I to travel right or wrong,
'Till Death my sweet and favoured friend,
Bade me from life to push along."


  1. Death of an Old Carriage Horse

    I was a harness horse,
    Constrained to travel weak or strong,
    With orders from oppressing force,
    Push along, push along.
    I had no space of rest,
    And took at forks the roughest prong,
    Still by the cruel driver pressed,
    Push along, push along.
    Vain strove the idle bird,
    To charm me with her artless song,
    But pleasure lingered from the word,
    Push along, push along.

    The order of the day
    Was push, the peal of every tongue,
    The only word was all the way,
    Push along, push along.

    Thus to my journey's end,
    Had I to travel right or wrong,
    'Till death my sweet and favored friend,
    Bade me from life to push along.

    POET: George Moses Horton

  2. Simply awesome strokes...lived the horse...and indeed the lines are just too perfect for the exquisite art

    Keep the Spark ALive..

  3. hey, so you found the original poem! Thanks for that.

  4. Great strokes....specially the second sketch.....and your handwriting is the ultimate final touch.

  5. Awsm bhai...maza aa gaya...


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