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Bengali Folk Art

Assorted sketches 2

An Eagle against the Sky


A busy day in office


Blue Buffalo

Faces and patterns

From the notepad that I carry

Rain in my town

A man with a Gun

Bhawaiya - the buffalo keeper's song

A copy in oil pastel

Blue sky and brown earth

harvest in late Autumn

Talsari near Panagarh

Another old man

pen sketch - profile

Beautiful wine-bearer

Romantic poems

Scrap papers

Pastels and a poem

By the Sea

Birds in Charcoal


A dance

The Farmer's wife

The Farmers

School days - Learning water color 2

Patterns and Textures

A girl

The Lady - Kalighat painting style

Poems and Illustrations

Bal Gopal

Rural Bengal - in blue

Copying Satyajit Ray - twice!

Africa, Olympics and more

Choice in love?

An old man

The plant

Behind the poem

Benaras Ghats

Sketches in Pen - fiber tip