Mr. Bond

I was a big fan of Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. So when Daniel Craig took over the role, I was damn pissed off. I debated a lot against him after seeing his movies, saying he is just jumping around and doesn't look like a spy. Well! when few months back I watched "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace" again I felt little different. This time I wanted to see all the bonds and find out who is best. I Googled for the answer and got a lot of answers - all different. So I decided to see all the movies for myself, starting with "Dr. No" of Sean Connery.

Well I just finished till Roger Moore, downloading Timothy Dalton now. After all those movies I really consider them great at their own way. All had something different and each time 007 looked different, felt different. You can't really compare them and say "hey he is the best". They are like ornaments, all made of gold but different style.

So to pay my homage to the great spy, I'm drawing him, It might also reveal whom I liked the most. ;)
Starting with Lazenby.

 And then his famous "Walther ppk"

Just like always my cell phone camera added uniqe effects in low light (the day was clouded, I couldn't wait for a sunny day).


  1. Simply stunning :) i liked the bond gun :)

    Way to go >>>>>

  2. Excellent Drawings :) :) Thanks A Lot For Your Kind Visit :) :)

  3. Hi Sam.. the next code break it...
    Beautiful patters...
    I have one question and one request..
    Question is.."tell me do you skech with pilot-pen which have a very thin stroke nib...!!"

    And request is...if have enough time to do so..can you plz skech something for my blog's next post..

    I would be so glad and proud to have your sketch flaunting in my blog.
    Dont you can add that same pic into your blog too...
    So would you like to contribute to my blog?! I shall give all the credits of your sketch in my post with your name in the contribution list!

    Tell me if you are interested...!
    Will let you know the topic soon after I get your responce..

    Will wait for your responce..
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  4. @Sunitha and Creativity: It's really wonderful to have people visit my blog and comment on my work. Thanks :)

    @Rachna: Thanks for your words, and here are your answers -
    I use whatever I can get near my hand, For these two sketches I used "Cello pinpoint ball pen". I sometimes also use "Luxor Fiber-tipped pen".

    As for your request, I've been doing it all the time for my colleagues and friends. So just let me know what u have in mind.


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