Famous Pipe Smokers

Sherlock Holmes always fascinated me. He had an intriguing character that could not easily be portrayed by many. I was looking for the perfect face for the famous detective - where he would look, young and energetic yet wise and calm. Basil Rathbone according to some is the best Holmes ever. I did a Google search on him and quick sketch. This resulted in a series of sketches using my Fiber-tip pen.

 I titled the series as "Famous Pipe smokers". Unfortunately I couldn't make it more than four.

The paper I used was a flawless A4 (office supply - what a good use I'm putting them into !!!), But my camera (actually a cellphone with a camera) and the lighting in my room resulted into an artistic photo that I couldn't ignore.

The last of the series is General Douglas MacArthur. He has the character, What say you?


  1. Superb strokes and only an artist can do such kind of an art :) Simply amazing

    Way to go >>>>>

  2. wonderful work dude!
    great work!

  3. nice work!no it was NOT it was GREAT WORK!. did sherlock die of lung cancer ?:P

  4. @tristar: Sherlock suffered from TB, I think

  5. These are great, I really like them. Thanks for sharing them!



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