FIFA at office

As I work in Evening, my first priority job was to find out a site from where I can watch live streaming of FIFA 2010. After searching and experimenting a lot I found a very reliable site - . There is a slight delay, may be of 1 minute, but that hardly matters since I'm getting to watch my favorite team play right under my manager's nose. Speaking of my favorite team - Argentina, is doing great in this world cup! Messi is absolute beauty!!!

Other teams too are doing well, specially Brazil and Netherlands, not omitting Paraguay, Uruguay, Mexico and South Korea. I'm little surprised with Germany. They shone so bright in the first game and sank like a stone in the second. Hope they come back in the third. England, Italy and Portugal are not playing as I expected. And the worst thing in this tournament apart from the vuvuzelas is the refereeing. Some very crucial decisions were really ridiculous, specially yesterday's match between Brazil and Ivory Coast. Such a slack refereeing is really going to put down the joy a bit.

 I made this little abstract sketch sitting at my desk. Hope to enjoy today's Portugal match...


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  2. Yeah!!! Viva La Argentina...
    good work mate!
    was busy..lemme check on those I missed this lazy Sunday!

  3. @Sorcerer: Viva La Argentina !!!

    U missed nothing, I'm now sitting and njoying the matches, not doing anything else.


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