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A teenager looking forward to love may create thousand emotions within. Especially true for a boy around 15-16 years old, when he might just come out of his boyish nature and start looking at girls in a little different manner. At least in our times, we played a little longer to understand these emotions. And slowly I did graduate from children's classics to youth's romantic literature. So instead of drawing those sword brandishing heroes, I once decided to draw beautiful faces of women. These were drawn probably when I was at standard 11th. The first one is titled "Just you" and the second has the first line from my then favorite song "How far may I chase her away, yet she comes back with those cloudy eyes"


  1. @ Sam

    I'm loved each and very notion of your pencil's soft strokes...simply awesome...imagination and well captured!

    Eyes and lips are so prompt and silence in the breeze with the feather of hair touching the is so beautiful..indeed she/your imagination is one of the most beautiful gurl of the world..and amazingly U have created her

    Keep the Spark Alive..

  2. hey its really a luck for me to see ur drawings...
    they r really awesome yaar...keep gng...u hav ur fate in ur hands...
    njoy every touch of the brush

    ...ur painting on the hostel wall... its really amazing yaar....

    nice works...keep rocking.....

  3. Thanks Padmaja and Rachana. Keep visiting for new things :)

  4. these are really cool man..
    how many days u took to do both?
    can i know how u acquired this exp?

  5. @Surendra: It took total half an hour I think. I did them long ago is school.
    For the exp it runs in family ;)

  6. Hi Sam..
    So know that you will sketch for my blog...well then I guess this is just the beginning of the beautiful and blissful moments!!

    ~ Okay, I want you make a prompt face..with intence dry-painful-eyes...of a child...basically think about the the child-labour! Definitely not a happy child atall..
    Create what comes into your mind or something you see around...!
    Well you are an artist and I'm sure you will know it better how to present and represent the compassion for those poor child suffering from child-labour!!

    ~I'm wrting this comment in this very old post of yours..coz. this post above pic was one of the first sketch I saw in your blog..which just touched my heart-cords...and Trust me I could never forget this mermerizing face of the gurl! This is sure my most fav. face!! And infact just when I had seen this sketch of yours I knew that someday..will ask you to make something for my blog too!! SO happy this is a day finally! Hope this happens more often now onwards..

    Mail me the sketch...when you are done.
    Also if you have certain words..for the inspiration of your sketch..mail me that too..Reading your inspiration shall facinate me a lot:)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

    Bwt. what is your email id..and are you on FaceBook or Twitter..!!


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