Sketching Bangalore 2

Almost all the metropolitan cities in India suffer from Water shortage. Major reason's being ground water level going down and water pollution. This situation gives rise to some new trades and practices. Two that I've seen only in Bangalore. First one is water being carried in tankers attached to tractors for door to door delivery. The second one is also door to door delivery, but of drinking water cans (each carrying about 20 liter drinkable water).

This is the kind of truck that comes to my place every morning


  1. Hmm..and when we had the water issues...they charged...lot more :(

    nice work dude..really nice work

  2. nice pic
    yes they charged more i agree.
    this is the story of India Great India
    beautiful pic of Water tanker

  3. Nice sketch, Sam -- it looks like a pretty NOISY truck!

    My husband is from Jamaica and PLENTY of the people who live in the hills have no water lines. Despite living in a land of "NUFF WA-TAH", they have water delivered via huge tanker trucks as well.

    Infrastructure -- what a thing when you don't have it........

  4. Mast Banaya hai yar!!! :D :D
    Thumbs Up*:-)

  5. Nice!!!Its not only a Bglore sketch it resembles the southern zone of the mother India

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  7. Thank you all for your encouraging comments. It's a pleasure to have so many visitors. :)

  8. dude..i got a question...wer d heck is d driver ..?

    anywayz nice work..

  9. The driver went to toilet may be. I could not possibly draw a moving car... ;)


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