Monday, September 19, 2016

Romantic poems

There is a period in life, when we get romantic by default. Then we read romantic poems, sometimes even write something from our heart. Later all of them looks so silly!


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Scrap papers

I like white pages, so much, so that I can fill them with whatever I have at hand. Then you let the paper go. Sometimes you find them after a long long time :)

this one was done in 2007 and I found it back in 2016. 
pencil on paper

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pastels and a poem

A modern abstract poem about failed love and a semi-modern art goes well together - hand in hand. At least that is what I always thought :P


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

By the Sea

One would often experiment with various media. And one media I discovered as a school boy was the natural color from the various leaves and flowers. The colors were good but hard to control at times. Sometimes you would not find the right color. So, I would go looking for them in the garden or in the fields. I explored this medium till my graduation. Probably this is the last one I made.

mixed media - ball point pen, natural colors & pastels

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Birds in Charcoal

Charcoal has been one of my personal favorites since 1998, when I accidentally discovered it for the first time. We had a huge earth oven on the yard, where bulky cooking or similar chores (such as, cooking for extended family gathering, or boiling whole rice before separating the grain from the chaff, or boiling heavy clothes in soapy water for better cleaning) would be done. We even had a room "খড়ি ঘর" (literally, room of firewood), where the we would store the firewood for the whole year. Occasionally, there would be dry twigs from the garden which were put in the oven. And when the oven would cool down (usually the next morning) someone would empty the ashes and other remnants. One day when it was my turn for the job, I discovered pieces of burnt twigs, somehow intact. They were soft and delicate but still could maintain their form. I used one piece and put some markings on a wall. It felt good, so I collected all I could and went on to create a few drawings with it on paper. But such natural charcoal sticks were hard to come by and I forgot this little incident.

Later when I grew older, I learned of charcoal as an official drawing tool and came to love it for the texture and rich tone it provided.

Charcoal on paper - copied from web