Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Office plants

The sight of green in the modern office space. They look very odd surrounded by concrete and glass. But they provide the much needed touch of nature. Small office plants - custom trimmed - in plastic flower pots - sitting along the corridor; in the lift lobby; in the turn of the stairs; near the water dispenser; beside the huge sofas. One day, while the automated test cases were running in background, I had a lengthy stretch of time to myself. So, I decided to go for an inspection of the little greenery. "The pots are very bland," I thought. Moments later I was back at my desk, busy with some pen and paper.

Pen on paper, A6

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Clouds and the Sea

Well there is actually a boat shaped like a moon! These are traditional fishing boats from South-east districts of Bangladesh, that brave the Bay of Bengal in all weathers. I would only be able to imagine how would it be to go on voyage on this boat a century or two ago. Or may be more. From the shores of Chittagong to the small islands of Oceania, searching for treasure in the lost ruins and thick tropical forests.
The web could not tell me what their true name is. The only description article I found is http://watever.org/achievements/naval-heritage/the-moon-boat/. I might have to travel to Bangladesh for knowing that name!! And may be a ride!!!

Pen on paper, A6. I continued to mould the style of clouds to suit me. Yes, I know I have work on it further and further.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Clouds behind Gombuj and Minars

Many a times I wondered at the clouds and beautiful architecture they made in the sky. I felt like capturing those in the paper. Then I found Franklin Booth. I love the way he drew those Cumulonimbus clouds, towering in the background of a landscape. I also enjoy the intricacies and the vastness of the Gombuj and Minars in Islamic Architecture. So, I decided to combine them in my own way. Here is the first result in my sketchpad.

Pen on Paper, A6

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 - A new beginning

I feel this year will be different from the last two years. The last two years were very complex for me. A lot of big events happened in life. The most important thing perhaps is that I became a father. I have a few objectives set for 2017 and one of them is to study Art for the first time - from the basics. While it may be debated whether Artists having Academic learning have an edge over self-taught artists or not, but let debates lie where they are. Please be happy with a drawing in Red and Blue -

pen on paper, A6

Friday, December 23, 2016

Bengali Folk Art

When I started drawing I started for pure fun. I drew the pictures from my books. Mostly gallant princes, with turban on head and Talwar in hand, sometimes riding the Ponkhiraj horse. sometimes gallant boys, who are not of royal blood, but eventually win the hands of a princess and a kingdom by his deeds. I would draw from Alif Laila (abridged for children and also a popular TV show). Characters from some other English serials and movies that I began to watch in teenage also inspired me. It was not until 14 that I drew a girl, who looked like a girl!

Drawing is fun even now; but more so, as I study and experiment each style. Such as the Folk art of Bengal. I thought it would be easy as simple it is. But sometimes, beauty need not be complex, and simple may not be easy.