Landscape in colored pens

I had a bought a set of colored ballpoint pens in Bangalore. My intention was great, but things never took off after a few drawings. Specially due the lack of yellow pen in the collection. The set didn't survive and is lost. This is the last drawing I made with them.

Using pen had always been my favourite. The most important part of loving it is probably the non-nonsense ease of use. Whenever and wherever. Easy to carry around. Produces such deep lines. Then after all these it throws a challenge on your face saying, "Make no mistake". And this is the fun part. Every time I make a mistake, however slight, I'll have to go along with it and find a way to incorporate that in the work. Would I call it Wabi-sabi? Or just challenging the creative spirit to find out ways to accept imperfections. But this brings out a nice philosophy of accepting life with all it has to offer.

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