Feeling the music

The weather is extremely hot now in Bangalore, and that's very unusual. The heat of the day is unforgiving.The sun is harsh. The wind is hot and sandy. Though I don't feel much of it sitting in my office, yet I invite the cool evening breeze, just like others. Sometimes I read sitting near the window, relaxed. Or, yet sometimes I listen to music. I enjoy music a lot. Anything that has a tint of melody and feelings just cuts deep through my soul and takes me to another dimension of life. My heart sings along. My mind drifts away from all the worries of life. The tired body is rejuvenated and a new spirit flows through my arteries. My creative spirit tries find his way out through my fingers. 

One day in such a cool evening of a hot summer I was listening to Menuhin and Stephane Grappelli playing "Jealousy". Well as was said by the TV anchor, their version of "Jealousy". The music was so strong that it sent a shock to my nerves compelling me to do something. The feeling was too strong to resist and so I drew this one. I tried to capture the vigor and energy and feeling of the violinist, keeping the form as realistic as possible.

There is something very special about the particular BBC live version of "Jealousy". It's not only that two all time greats were playing together, but the feelings that they have put into the piece. It's so intense, so deep. You just need to listen to it to understand. Though many of you may not feel the same.


  1. Nice sketch, Sam.

    Do you ever sketch while you are out and about around Bangalore? Would love to see more of your city.

    You should check out this blog -- http://www.urbansketchers.com/ -- they have contributors from all over the world and would probably welcome some impressions from your corner of the world.

  2. @VH M: I seldom work outdoors, but I'll give it a shot.

  3. Very good intense portrait, I can hear the music.


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