View from my balcony

One of the biggest reasons I bought my flat where I live is this. the view from the Balcony. A small balcony to accommodate a pair of chairs where you can sit and sip a warm cup of tea. It is so soothing to watch the sun go down behind that temple, leaving a crimson sky slowly mixing with the dusky blue and into blue-black, at the backdrop of coconut trees, which by now has become silhouettes, but for the yellow light glowing from within the temple chambers, highlighting its arches. A small tank almost in the shape of the alphabet 'J' surround the temple grounds. The temple ghat being at the belly of the lake makes it look like an island from our side.

And then as it grows dark and you slowly close your eyes, the sound of unison of men and women with God in a traditional melody would reach your ears. The smell of fine Darjeeling tea infused with the smell of incense might just take you to another world. A world where everything is possible.


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