Assorted sketches 2

Sometimes there are a few of them which are done in hurry. Or done just to see what can be done. These make their way to my blog. Of late, I had been very lazy to create any full-fledged art. But that's what I am. I just do what comes to me naturally. I'm no professional. I don't have to sell my art for a living. So there isn't any bindings. For me it is just an expression and fun way to spend my time. And this blog is to share my joy with others who are like minded. Here are two sketches that I did sometime ago. One is a Urdu poem (written in roman alphabet, as I can't read/write Urdu). The second is more interesting. It is the backyard of the home, where I lived about 15 years of my life (Of-course some years of these were spent in a hostel, but I would always be home for the 3 months long winter vacations). This is more interesting since I did it left-handed :)

"Who needs a knife, when She can kill you with her eyes"

Pen on paper

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