Copying Satyajit Ray - twice!

One of my favourite author, illustrator, film-maker combined is Satyajit Ray. There is almost nothing he did that I didn't like. For example reading his books a thousand times over or searching the internet for his illustrations. One particular story that I loved was "Fatikchand". It is about a boy on an adventure - being kidnapped, then lost his memory in an accident and ending up with a juggler, who finally helps him return to his family, while teaching him some most valuable lessons of life. I copied the drawing of Fatikchand with the juggler, Harun-al-Rashid, fondly calls himself - the Artist. Then again I copied some lines from the same story. Some lines that I remembered and adored for the rest of my life.

"Can an artist be only of one type? Can you not be an artist while at home? Can you not be an artist by education? Is juggling the only art? playing with balls, playing with color, playing with words, playing with music - so many types of game and so many types of artists. When you would grow old, you would understand, what game is to be played in which style."

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