A simple HB pencil

There is a very popular brand of pencils available in India by the name of Natraj. In fact when we would buy pencil in school we would always buy a pack of Natraj HB pencils (we had no understanding of what HB means) red and black in color. Although I grew out of Natraj pencils a long time ago and started using Staedtler, but still at times you find a Natraj by your side or cherish the old drawings from my old sketchbooks. Here are a four of them for your viewing -

And this one is particularly one of my favourites, got a touch of 6B also as far as I remember.


  1. all r gud...but loved the last one :)

  2. Nice

    I like the 2nd and 3rd ones the most ... the 3rd one -- i really like ...

    yeahh ... i remember how i thought it was a printing mistake on the pencil .. esp when i saq 'H' pencils ...

  3. read ur prev post .. the one on Van Gogh ...

    but to excel in a field, you also need to have inherent talent , right ? practise and hardwark can take you to extra heights, but what separates the best of the best of the best artists and excellent artists is the thin difference - God given talent

  4. @Deepa: I'd contradict and put it this way, without hard work and practice even the greatest God gifted talent will end up in utter failure. God gives talent to everyone, but one must recognize what that is and hone it to become a master.


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