joie de vivre

At last I've finished reading the book about Van Gogh. Although I've gone through 200 of his paintings and drawings while reading the book, I still believe to understand Van Gogh fully I'd need to go through all 2000 in chronological order. That's about understanding him like a art critic. But I'm no art critic. I'd like to be a painter one day. For now I'm just amazed at passion of a great artist. In fact what he put in 10 years of his life (I say rather the last 2-3 years), none have done that in their entire life time. Even if he lived short, but he lived justified. And also it shook my firm belief that painting cannot be learned. Either you have it or don't. But now I believe that you have it always, it only needs to be nurtured and brought out. A man who barely gets the perspective right slogs for 7 years to bring out some of the greatest paintings in the history of modern men. No it's a tale that every aspiring artist should read. Not only painting but all forms of art - spun out of passion and woven with emotion. How I'm losing my words to describe what I feel right now.

May be I'll stop here and continue my daily life as it is. Meanwhile I'll gather my wits.


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