My Friends Umbrellas

I studied in a hill station, Kurseong, where it would rain for most of the time. It is real fun living among clouds, but rains are cold and wet. I lived in hostel and never had a umbrella. My friends who came from far would bring umbrellas and keep their wet umbrellas in the dustbin to let the water drip. One day I thought the corner looks colorful. So borrowed some color pencils from my friend and this one came out. Later I did a water color version of the same and sent for a drawing competition. Sadly never own a prize. :(


  1. I'm really really sorry Kiran, if you are seeing this post. I was sleepy and deleted your comments instead of approving. :(

  2. hahaha..dnt be sorry sam....
    am following yr blog..:)
    will keep visting :)

  3. @Kiran: you know what, it's the readers or rather viewers for my blog, who are the life of the blog. So their comments are most precious jewels to me. :D

  4. @Satish: Thanks dude, your appreciation really matters :D


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