Sketching Bangalore

I'd always in mind to draw things in the city I live for my living, but never actually did it. Thanks to the inspiration from VH McKenzie I finally ventured out to sketch this city. I was not sure where to start and being a little shy to draw in public, I had to rely more on my memory. 

Incidentally last weekend I went for an outing with my friends. I saw the clock tower of the "Corporation Building" and it caught my eyes. So here you go.

 Bangalore has no local trains (unlike other metros in India). So they make it up with 6000 BMTC buses. But, Ahem... they don't go to every narrow street or suit your time and are also very crowded. So if you hate crowds and love adventure you should take the "auto-rickshaw". These auto-rickshaws are very popular means of transportation in urban south-Asia. They take you everywhere and take you fast. Though you might feel a little unsafe and have some near-death feelings creeping up your spine, yet surprisingly they are quite safe.

There are a lot hawkers in Bangalore and some just catch your eyes - for what they sell is a little different. They sell drums (more popularly dholok) or small and medium sizes. They scour the city for musical minds (!!) with the drums and hanging on shoulders and back; and frequently playing one.

The original source for the above two sketches is Rajesh Dangi, a man who has been going out everyday to take a photo of Bangalore and post them in his blog since 2006.


  1. These are wonderful, Sam!!!!

    I particularly like the auto-rickshaw -- great use of color, too.

    Well done. You should keep it up and definitely submit to Now you've inspired me.......

  2. Sam, thanks for commenting on my blog. you have wonderful blog and these skecthes depict required force of lines. keep posting. thanks

  3. Sam, thanks for commenting on my blog.Marvellous skecthes

  4. Good work. Will be looking forward to more such creative outbursts here.
    keep it up!!

  5. thank you all for visiting me and commenting on my work

  6. Wonderful sketches! Really exciting line work and fun to see views of a different part of the world.

  7. wow! rwak..
    fantastic work...
    do find time to come up with more!


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