The war is over at last. It took a lot of time to find the appropriate ingredients and then even longer time to mix them to unison. The calligraphy alone took two days in MS paint. Here is my digital painting and the details go below.

Steps to War poster -
First task was to get the background ready. I was looking to make a red brick wall, but this one was more intriguing. Second task was to get the background in MS paint and size it to the poster. Once done I started on the calligraphy. This one was more time consuming as an eraser couldn't be used properly and nor the "fill" tool, due to the non-uniform background. Then I choose pictures from war, mostly b/w, cut them and merged them in using photoshop. And it is ready.


  1. Good creation, but I like ur hand-drawings more...

  2. Thanx, actually all my pencils and colors are packed at the moment :P

  3. Very cool! Nice compilation and thanks for your comments


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