Rough works

The last two weeks I was kind of busy, mostly studying, and office work. I couldn't get myself up to much creativity. Did a few sketches when I got bored and wanted to relax. I thought of thrrowing them out the window as I always did with my rough works. But this time, I thought, why not post it in my blog!!! So there you are. ;)


  1. Throwing away art and that talented art in really bad :( honestly very nice work.... Plz do keep it :)

  2. Awesome..dude...your blog..inspires me a lot
    hmm..i think i should learn a few things from you mate..
    wonderful work!

  3. Blog on review of PoP - game vs the movie !

  4. Wow, I think those are great! Sometimes I think we are too hard on ourselves. I like posting the good and the bad...and I like to see it on other's blogs I know that everyone has their ups and downs :)

  5. Thanks to all appreciating these drawings, I'll not be throwing away my drawings any more :)

  6. Wow! they are good. You are talented.
    Am just wondering about the ones that went flying out of your window :(


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