Little birds

When in the mood, my two year old son would start singing a few of his favorite songs. One of them goes like -
বুলবুল পাখি ময়না টিয়ে, আয় না যা না গান শুনিয়ে ।
দূর দূর বনের গান, নীল নীল নদীর গান,
দুধ ভাত দেব সন্দেশ মাখিয়ে ।

Oh Bulbul, Mynah, Parrot, please sing a song for me.
Song of faraway forests and deep blue rivers.
I'll feed you milk and rice mixed with sweets

So, I decided to put a few birds in my sketchbook. I also meant to write his name but ran out of space. Poor planning !! This one is done in color pencils. The page is pretty thin, about 80 gsm I guess. So this has not been a great sketchbook with pen so far.

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