Foresty path

A walk through the forest path. In moonlight. If you are barefoot, then you would feel the soft, wet grass crumble beneath your feet. Like a the best woven carpets of Orient of the yore. A few steps forward - into the shady depths - with the moonlight filtering through the leaves. They form patterns of uncanny in a smooth silvery light and shade. All colors are wiped out into a black and white dream. But yet there are colors that you see. For colors are in your mind.

Flowers that bloom in the sun are bright in their splendor and adored for their beauty. Then, there are flowers that are loved for their fragrance. They are so shy of lacking such bright adornments of petals. So, they only bloom at night. The evening breeze carries their aroma to mix it with the misty forest air. Breath in slow. Breath in with your eyes closed. Not every flower is a rose!


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