The Field like an Embroidered Quilt

বন্ধুর বাড়ি আমার বাড়ি মধ্যে ক্ষীর নদী,
উইড়া যাওয়ার সাধ ছিল, পাঙ্খা দেয় নাই বিধি।

Oh! My love and me! And the milk river between,
Had I wings, Oh! how I wish; To thee, I would be flying.

While drawing I never had those exact lines in my mind. It was more of how the earth looks like from above -  a patch patterned quilt. But when I was reading the book Nakshi Kanthar Math (The Field of the Embroidered Quilt) by Poet Jasimuddin, I could not resist putting those lines in caption.

Pen on paper, A6

Done differently on the Moments sketchbook This time with sketch pens.

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