Childhood Fantasy - "western"

Just like every other boy I owned a lot of guns as a kid. Shotguns, six-shooters, machine guns, space guns; guns that only make a light and sound show; guns that only shoot plastic or rubber bullets. And yes I had a cordobe hat which I morphed into a stetson (cow boy) hat. A woolen navy blue overcoat, fingerless gloves, a pair of oxfords passed as riding boots, white scarf (stolen from my sister's wardrobe). Well, that made me a very good cowboy.

In fact during my boyhood and early teens I was many characters at many times. my friends and me would dress up completely as Western thriller heroes and enact our own play in which plot changes like a stormy wind. The deeds of bravery and valor are written in golden letters in the pages of history. Well those were the days indeed. And say what, take a glimpse of my imagination at that windy times.


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