Black and White

I am listening to Hemanta Mukherjee a lot for a few days. In my humble opinion he is an epic singer. There is no comparison to that deep voice and melody. It is sad that folks outside were not able to appreciate his grand voice much as he sang mostly in Bengali and a little in Hindi. I picked two of his songs for making these quick sketches while trying to pass my time in the lonely evening shifts in office.

The first song was "মেঘ কালো আঁধার কালো " (megh kalo andhar kalo). The lines that I've written on the sketch when transliterated means as -

The clouds are black and so is the sky,
Scandals are also black - 
For that color "Binodinee" has lost her honour.
Yet your hair is more black than all of these.

The second song is one of my all time favorite for all moods - ও নদী রে, একটি কথা শুধাই শুধু তোমারে
A song about rivers, a song about life.

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